Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas . (:

christmas is like my favorite thing .

i love watching my family open the presents i gave them .

i love spending the entire day with the people i love the most , my family .

i love jus chillin in my new pajamas .

i love looking at all the new stuff i got .

i love all going to church as a family .

i love seeing the lights at temple square .

i love everything about it .

i'm so grateful for all the amazing people i have in my life .

hope everyone has a merry christmas , and remembers the true meaning . (:

p.s. thanks santa for thee new laptop (; i love it (:

Friday, December 16, 2011

wait , what ?

i wish all of this would jus be over .

you get mad when i'm getting over you ?

when  your the one who doesn't wanna be with me .

makes sense right ?

no , actually it doesn't .

i'm soo done with being confused and hurt .

like i said , if you loved me you wouldn't have hurt me .

and no , i don't understand why "you did it"

unlike you , i actually like to talk about things .

not jus say "it doesn't matter anymore"

obviously it does .

or you wouldn't have said anything .

open up , and tell me the truth .

when your ready to man up and tell me what's really going on ,

we'll talk .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dear boy ,

thanks for the good times .
the games .
the laughs .
the lies .
the memories .
the smiles .
the lessons learned .
it was fun .
i learned a lot .
but i've moved on .
i'm over it .
and i couldn't feel better . (:
lets be friends . 

love , 
the girl . 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

trust .

i've given you so much trust through everything . i want to believe you , i really do . but for some reason , i jus can't .. your explanations seem real , but at the same time , doesn't justify at all why i was upset with you . i want to be friends , i really do , but i need you to be completly honest first . you know you can trust me , so do it . i've never given you a reason to not trust me . so take a chance , tell me how you feel . put yourself out there , like i've done all along . thanks .

Sunday, December 4, 2011

priorities .

i decided , i really need to get my priorities in line ..

i feel like i have soo much to do , and no time .

yet , i'm blogging .. yeahh ..

between work , school , drama , friends , family , & homework

i struggle to find time to do everything i want .

what do i want ?

maybe i should figure that out before anything else ..

i hate the fact that my life is flying by .

every day i get one day closer to being an adult ,

and having to do boring , adult stuff .

why can't i jus stay a kid forever ? ):

thingstothinkabout .

Saturday, December 3, 2011

game day . (:

school at six thirty am for practice /:
kid strippinn in computer tech
lunch with ty , braxton , kaylee , linds , and kaitlyn
fun times in fourth
power nap (:
gettinn ready with thee girls
huge jerseys
no parking at thee game
crazy crowd
best fan section in the state (:
those bingham boys . (;
got to see him . (:
courtesy cones
pick up spartacus and trent (:
kylie's house .
doughnuts in the parking lot
flirting at sconecutter .
free scones ? hahah
long talks
lots of laughs
and too many inside jokes .

ohh how i love game days . <33

thirteen hour shift tomorrow ? bring it . (;