Friday, June 8, 2012

as of june 1, 2012 i am done with my junior year of high school ! (: it's so exciting . i'll be sad once high school is over , but right now all i want is my senior year to be here . junior year was pretty great though . many memories for sure . run down:

football games .
sadies .
basketball season .
christmas with choir .
lacrosse .
endless laughs with my lax girls .
crazy car rides .
seventeenth birthday .
sweethearts .
mads auditions .
choir tour .
madrigals .
sping break .
spring fling at jordan high .
prom .
last choir concert of the year .
yearbook signing .
graduation . ):

the hardest part of the year would definitely be saying goodbye to all of the seniors . i have made soo many friends that were seniors and it was so hard to accept the fact that they have to move on to college and whatever else they have planned without me . it's crazy to think that in a year it will be me walking across that stage holding my diploma . that's like a huge moment . so soon . i can't wait to see what life throws at me after i graduate , but for now time to live it up in the moment and have an awesome senior year ! (:

Madrigals!!! (:

soooo anyone who knows me knows how much i love singing , and how much i've wanted to be in madrigals . basically ever since i saw the wjhs mads preform in like fourth grade at my elementary school , i've wanted to be "one of them."

the dreaded day came on march 16, 2012 . no doubt in my mind , that was thee scariest most emotionally exhausting day ever . i was soo scared . like to the point where i awkwardly bursted into tears in my auto class hours before the audition . pathetic , i know .

after some pep talks from emma white , i decided to go through with it . needless to say , i owe this girl a whoooole lot . she's amazing .
 a n y w a y ..

the audition process went as follows: walk into dark choir room . sees a butt load of goodies . fights back from passing out . sees what seems like millions of other auditioners . sees everyone do amazing . two hours pass . still not called up to sing solo . dies inside . gets called up s e c o n d to last . shakes beyond control . explains why emma is her favorite mad . shows her jaguar style cookie dough truffle treat . sings ordinary day by vanessa carlton . relieved it's over .

or at least i thought it was over . i'll spare you from that little sequence of events up there . so next we went over "and so it goes" like three times as a group , and then were put in a random order in a big circle in the middle of the room . we then sang the song at least twenty times as the current mads and dehaan walked in a circle in the center of us and took notes on each individual . it was nerve wrecking . especially because i had never heard the song before , so it was completely sight read . after a few times , it kinda clicked and i grew to love singing it . next we jus divided into parts and sang whatever notes he gave .

after the four hour+ audition was over , it was a huge weight off my shoulders . except for the fact that i now had to wait , and wait , and wait .

*41 days later*

april 25th 2012 , i was shook until i woke up by emma white and natalie porter . i was being kidnapped . which meant , i made it ! it was soooo exciting . they gave me like two minutes to get decent and then it was off in the dark . we picked up aubrey nelson , and miranda baker also . then we went to the high school with their madrigal jackets over our faces and were placed in a circle holding hands with the other lucky kids surrounding you , which you had no idea who they were . after the countdown , the jackets were taken off and we got to look and see who our new mads would be (: lots of screaming took place here . haha and some crying too . we then got some breakfast and then the adventure began (;

i cannot put into words how grateful.excited.stoked.overwhelmed.scared.amazed that i have this opportunity . i cannot wait to be able to do what i love with 27 other kids who love the same thing as much as i do . i know i'm going to make soo many new friends , have countless moments , laughs , tears , and memories that will last forever .

west jordan high school madrigals 2012-2013 . <33

first official madrigal performance: 05/29/12

so basically ,

i have failed at blogging lately .

ironically , these past few months have actually been exciting

and worth blogging about . so lucky for you , you'll get to catch up on the

last two months of my life all at once . jump in , it's about to be a crazy ride .. (: