bucket list .

started as my summer bucket list , turned into my overall life to do list . (: it's long . prepare yourself .

  1. go to a drive in movie
  2. try out for madrigals
  3. sleep under the stars
  4. meet a new boy
  5. get a job
  6. start a blog
  7. get tan . hahah at least for a day or two
  8. hang with new people
  9. steal a traffic sign
  10. get a henna tattoo
  11. skinny dipping
  12. go on a road trip
  13. dine and dash
  14. summer romance
  15. boating as much as possible
  16. learn to drive stick shift--fail
  17. sleep in my car
  18. go to 7/11 on 7/11 at midnight
  19. learn to play guitar
  20. learn to play piano
  21. play hide and seek in ikea
  22. get kicked out of a store
  23. cliff jump
  24. carve in a tree
  25. write a missionary
  26. go to a sit down restaurant between 2-4 am
  27. go paint balling
  28. play ultimate frisbee
  29. go to every US state
  30. get lost
  31. ride in a plane
  32. go to a concert
  33. have a bonfire
  34. have a car wash
  35. randomly trash someones room
  36. make a fire
  37. river rafting
  38. meet someone new
  39. pull an all nighter
  40. write a song
  41. get in trouble with the cops
  42. go chalking
  43. tag a train
  44. paint fight
  45. pudding slide
  46. meet an amish person
  47. ride the subway
  48. give a stranger my number
  49. get pulled over and talk myself out of a ticket
  50. try all baskin robbin flavors
  51. swim without nose plugged... hahah
  52. seran wrap a car
  53. go coning
  54. swing from a vine
  55. break into someones house
  56. sleep in a hammock
  57. paint a fence
  58. ride a motorcycle
  59. go to a bees game
  60. attend all home football games
  61. go to daybreak lake
  62. put soap in a public fountain
  63. sneak into a movie
  64. go to an airport and buy tickets for a random flight
  65. receive a dozen roses
  66. kiss at the top of a ferris wheel
  67. go to a castle
  68. give someone a reason to remember my name
  69. swim in a fountain
  70. go to a legit spa
  71. get a citation
  72. fall in love with my best friend
  73. visit every major city in the US
  74. find the perfect wedding dress
  75. go the opposite way in a round about
  76. go ziplining
  77. learn how to graffiti
  78. experience new years eve in paris/nyc
  79. grow old with someone i love
  80. watch the sunrise/sunset at the beach
  81. go to figi
  82. watch fireworks from inside an airplane
  83. stand under the hollywood sign
  84. get married to my best friend in the temple
  85. build a giant sand castle
  86. get kissed under a waterfall
  87. find the end of a rainbow
  88. get kissed on the forehead
  89. find a four leaf clover
  90. have my parents there the day i'm married
  91. break a world record
  92. experience zero gravity
  93. ride in a hot air balloon
  94. play in the rain with the ones i love
  95. kiss in the rain
  96. ride in a taxi
  97. skydive
  98. set foot on all seven continents
  99. go on a camping trip with all my best friends
  100. get the boy i love back
  101. own a polaroid camera
  102. go on a no budget shopping spree
  103. walk through a drive through
  104. kiss under the eiffel tower
  105. own an apartment with my friends
  106. have kids
  107. be a good wife
  108. be a good mom
  109. go snorkeling
  110. spend the night in a haunted mansion
  111. go on a cruise
  112. see adell perform live
  113. go to prom
  114. find someone who will treat me right
  115. go on the largest roller coaster in the world
  116. kiss someone at midnight on new years eve
  117. kiss under mistletoe
  118. go egging
  119. go to italy
  120. throw a dart at map and go wherever it lands
  121. have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding
  122. change someones life
  123. give my number to a random guy