Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sweethearts . (:

pick up
lindsey's house
breakfast making
oil splashing
flour thrown
eat breakfast
adventure to hollywood connection
wrong exit
and again ..
got lost
asked pizza guy for directions
finally found it


roller skating
lunch at the diner
drop off
get ready time
loses track of time
pick up ty
pics with his family (:
michelle's for pics with everyone
million flashes
old spaghetti factory
sweet balcony level
going crazy dancing
kaitlyn's house
make cookies
watch jimmmaa
catch phrase
crazy competitive sides came out
drop off (:

sweethearts was soo much fun . it was crazy at times but so worth the stress . got to go with my best friend ty , had a super fun group full of my best friends and made it a killer time with a bunch of memories . i'd have to say my favorite part was after the dance playing catch phrase boys vs girls (: it got insane . i realized that i am w a y more competitive than i thought and i loved it (: great day !

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Vow

so basically i'm stoked for this movie to come out . kinda been counting down .

Sunday, February 5, 2012

date nights !

so last night i went on a date with justin . (: it was probably the funnest date i've ever been on . we got to know eachother so well and it was jus all over fun ! the whole date was a suprise to me , so i had no clue what we were going to do . first we went to dinner at his favorite pizza place . that was super fun ! a lot of time to get to talk and learned a ton about him .

next we went to the bowling alley ! when we got there , there was an hoyr wait , so we decided to make the best of it . we spent the hour playing various arcade games , which we f a i l e d at , but it was still super fun (: we managed to get enough tickets to buy little funny hair things , cause we're cool like that . haha

after an hour , we got a lane for an hour and a half of bowling ! (: i started out pretty cocky , but soon realized i s u c k at bowling ! he definitely kicked my butt . we played four games , and each game we'd do something differant . (competitive round, fun round, trick round, etc.) even though i only won once , it was still soo much fun .

after bowling , we drove back to his house for a bit . there we played pool for a bit and then played rock band . (: i was super scared to sing in front of him but it turned out to be super fun . princess had to be home by midnight , /: so then he took me home (:

basically , it was soo much fun . it was so fun to be able to jus be myself and have a great time with such a good guy . thanks justin (: