Monday, January 23, 2012

help .

hey you , yeah you .

so i need some help with ideas for a day activity for sweethearts . a l l ideas will be appreciated (: don't hesitate to comment . i have nothing , so i need some ideas quick . thanks so much (:

p.s. new tabs (:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

birthday .

so on tuesday it was my birthday (: turned out to be a lot better than i thought it would .

started out with getting my midnight birthday text from thee boy (: so that was pretty great . next was school .

nothing really outta thee ordinary happened . but it was kinda fun having everyone acknowledge the fact that it was my birthday as i walk into each class . haha

after school i jus got to hang around with thee friends . then kenna came over for a bit and jus talked about our sweethearts plans (: -- super excited by the way .

then went to dinner with thee fam . (:

then , copper hills-west jordan basketball game . turned out to be a way fun game . and of couse thee jags won <3

then me , ty , brock , aysia , kaylee , trent , kenna , jose , michelle , collin , kaitlyn , linds and aaron came over for dessert and jus got to hang out and play some basketball (:

 then , ended the night pretty perfect (; no need for more details on that one .. (; hahah

all in all it was a pretty great birthday . i'm so glad i have such amazing friends and family (: love you all !

Sunday, January 15, 2012

seventeen .

when you're younger , birthday's are a huge deal . you always have that list of toys you want and things you jus have to have . however , once you're past the themed birthday party years , it is not as exciting .

last year was my sweet sixteen , so yeahh , i was stoked . i had a huge party with all of my friends and had a crazy fun time doing the amazing race . i was so excited to turn sixteen .

now i've got to the point where i'm not too excited to get older , and have all of the responsibilites that come with being an adult . yeah , i love the freedom , but hate having to start paying for things and walking into the real world .

don't get me wrong , i'm still way excited for it to be my birthday and have some fun with all my friends , it's jus not as exciting anymore .

seventeen . crazy to think about . only one more year until i'm an adult . super weird .  hope it's a good year (:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

check out the new tabs (: that will be all .

week one .

so it was the first week of january , and i'd say the year started out pretty great . (:

no school (:
homework with thee girls .
lunch at zupas .
work with my favorite people .

on time to school . huge accomplishment . haha
lunch with ty and the girls .
attendance school . hour 2 of 10 .
trax with michelle and linds .
jazz game with thee girls , alex and jake .
trax ride home with thee funniest people alive .
met some new friends (;
i decided drunk people are hilarious .

on time again . (:
crazy spanish times .
attendance school . hour 3 of 10 .
work .

a day (: favorite .
attendance school . only 6 more hours (;
lacrosse meeting . so excited for the season to start (:

lunch with kaylee (:
talks with weimers .
attendance school . i swear i live there .
trax with my girls , again .
getting kicked off trax for not having tickets .. hahha
getting my first citation (: definetly a kodak moment .
jazz game with literally all my girls , joey and alex .
way fun times at that game (:
ride home with joey . no need for another citation (; haha
long talks with kaylee . needed .

slept in . (:
lunch with brynnlee , peggy and richard . (:
got to catch up , had a fun time (:
dad's house .
birthday dinner .
movie .
jus hung out . (:

this week went by way fast . but i'm kinda glad it did . i need this quarter to be over , and start fresh . (: as for now , number one goal: get my grades up and end the quarter right . keep being good to us 2012 (:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

twenty eleven recap .

buhh bye 2011 (:

ohh man , a lot has happened this year . let's start with january 2011 ...

best new years eve party ever . 
downtown lights during blizzard .
start lacrosse .
sixteenth birthday .
amazing race party .
breakup .
lacrosse games . 
sweethearts with adam .
choir tour .
new york trip .
camping .
taylorsville days .
fireworks .
all nighter (; literally . 
nathan & michael days .
lake powell .
job interview . 
hired at zupas .
valley fair .
summer nights .
racing .
drive-in movie .
daybreak lake . 
football games .
boating .
title .
jordan landing .
haunted forrest .
cow tipping . (;
haunted houses . 
empty house climbing . 
halloween .
note .
sadies with garry .
ending .
thanksgiving .
basketball games . 
girls nights .
choir gigs .
christmas .
family .
temple square . 
dates .
new years eve parties . 

can i jus say , what a crazy year . many ups and downs but i'd have to say the good times beat the bad ones . (:

i've met , and became close to so many new people this year . and i'm so grateful that i did . i know that everyone who has come into my life whether it was a teacher , coach , coworker , guy , or friend  it was for a reason . even though i have no clue what the reasoning was with some of those people , i know i'll find out someday . 

there have been many times throughout the year when i have wondered "why me?!" but every trial i've been through has made me a stronger person and for that i'm thankful . 

i always say that i live with no regrets , and although sometimes there are things i'd like to take back , or re-do , i can honestly say , after everything , i do not regret a single little thing that happened at any time this year . i have learned so much about life this year . i have built much stronger friendships , a stronger testimony , stronger understanding for others , and desire to work hard to get where i want to be in life .

this year wasn't an easy one , but it was worth it . definetly a year i'll never forget . (:

hello 2012 (: