Friday, June 8, 2012

as of june 1, 2012 i am done with my junior year of high school ! (: it's so exciting . i'll be sad once high school is over , but right now all i want is my senior year to be here . junior year was pretty great though . many memories for sure . run down:

football games .
sadies .
basketball season .
christmas with choir .
lacrosse .
endless laughs with my lax girls .
crazy car rides .
seventeenth birthday .
sweethearts .
mads auditions .
choir tour .
madrigals .
sping break .
spring fling at jordan high .
prom .
last choir concert of the year .
yearbook signing .
graduation . ):

the hardest part of the year would definitely be saying goodbye to all of the seniors . i have made soo many friends that were seniors and it was so hard to accept the fact that they have to move on to college and whatever else they have planned without me . it's crazy to think that in a year it will be me walking across that stage holding my diploma . that's like a huge moment . so soon . i can't wait to see what life throws at me after i graduate , but for now time to live it up in the moment and have an awesome senior year ! (:

Madrigals!!! (:

soooo anyone who knows me knows how much i love singing , and how much i've wanted to be in madrigals . basically ever since i saw the wjhs mads preform in like fourth grade at my elementary school , i've wanted to be "one of them."

the dreaded day came on march 16, 2012 . no doubt in my mind , that was thee scariest most emotionally exhausting day ever . i was soo scared . like to the point where i awkwardly bursted into tears in my auto class hours before the audition . pathetic , i know .

after some pep talks from emma white , i decided to go through with it . needless to say , i owe this girl a whoooole lot . she's amazing .
 a n y w a y ..

the audition process went as follows: walk into dark choir room . sees a butt load of goodies . fights back from passing out . sees what seems like millions of other auditioners . sees everyone do amazing . two hours pass . still not called up to sing solo . dies inside . gets called up s e c o n d to last . shakes beyond control . explains why emma is her favorite mad . shows her jaguar style cookie dough truffle treat . sings ordinary day by vanessa carlton . relieved it's over .

or at least i thought it was over . i'll spare you from that little sequence of events up there . so next we went over "and so it goes" like three times as a group , and then were put in a random order in a big circle in the middle of the room . we then sang the song at least twenty times as the current mads and dehaan walked in a circle in the center of us and took notes on each individual . it was nerve wrecking . especially because i had never heard the song before , so it was completely sight read . after a few times , it kinda clicked and i grew to love singing it . next we jus divided into parts and sang whatever notes he gave .

after the four hour+ audition was over , it was a huge weight off my shoulders . except for the fact that i now had to wait , and wait , and wait .

*41 days later*

april 25th 2012 , i was shook until i woke up by emma white and natalie porter . i was being kidnapped . which meant , i made it ! it was soooo exciting . they gave me like two minutes to get decent and then it was off in the dark . we picked up aubrey nelson , and miranda baker also . then we went to the high school with their madrigal jackets over our faces and were placed in a circle holding hands with the other lucky kids surrounding you , which you had no idea who they were . after the countdown , the jackets were taken off and we got to look and see who our new mads would be (: lots of screaming took place here . haha and some crying too . we then got some breakfast and then the adventure began (;

i cannot put into words how grateful.excited.stoked.overwhelmed.scared.amazed that i have this opportunity . i cannot wait to be able to do what i love with 27 other kids who love the same thing as much as i do . i know i'm going to make soo many new friends , have countless moments , laughs , tears , and memories that will last forever .

west jordan high school madrigals 2012-2013 . <33

first official madrigal performance: 05/29/12

so basically ,

i have failed at blogging lately .

ironically , these past few months have actually been exciting

and worth blogging about . so lucky for you , you'll get to catch up on the

last two months of my life all at once . jump in , it's about to be a crazy ride .. (:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

choir tour '12 . (:

so this year for choir tour we went to seattle <3 it was soo much fun .

bus ride -- 15 hours -___-
long talks .
new people .
sleeping .
creepy phone call .
pictures .
music .
stop at waterfall .
arrive in downtown seattle .
pike's market .
shopping .
hobos .
fish throwing .
flowers .
gum wall .
graffitied allies .
antique shop .
getting lost .
hotel .
dinner cruise .
pictures .
food .
craaazy dancing .
beautiful scene .
titanic redo .
more dancing .
goodnight <3
space needle .
amazing view .
competition .
four hours .
pool party .
exploring hotel .
crazy meowing guys .
underground tour .
experience music project .
soo cool .
voice recording .
band playing .
scream booth .
guitar playing .
boat ride .
telicin village .
salmon dinner .
awards ceremony .
won . everything . <3
go wj ! (:
crazy screaming .
so fun .
ride back . (:
sleeping pictures .
roof climbing .
scaring the girls .
priceless .
sunday-- preform in a local ward .
so powerful .
we sang beautifully .
cj and sam's talks >> .
on the road again . (:

basically , tour was amazing . i had so much fun exploring the beautiful city of seattle with my best friends and a cute boy . (: definetly something i will never forget . i'm so excited for next year . hopefully i'll be with the life changing group -- mads . *crosses fingers*

my favorite part was either the dinner cruise , or the emp (experience music project) i loved both . the dinner cruise was jus fun getting to jam out with all my friends and dance like crazy . the view from the boat was amazing too . i jus all together loved it . the emp was way fun too . it was fun to be able to express my love for music and see how it's done . the voice recording room was my favorite part . it was so fun . adam and i went in together and jus recorded ourselfs and talked . it was so fun to be able to edit our voices and such . we also made a band at one point . we called it: fab five and adam , i believe . (; hahah that was also really cool being able to play real instruments and sing and dance while being recorded . tour was soo fun , and i'm so glad i was able to go . (: met soo many new friends , had amazing talks , and a stellar time . definetly a place everyone should go .

Saturday, April 7, 2012

hunger games .

so i finally saw hunger games today ! i was quite impressed (: peeta . stud . but gale , total babe . haven't quite decided which "team" i'm on but that's probably because i've slacked off and still haven't read the second and third books ... have to get on that . especially after the ending of the first . i'll have to come back to the topic afterwards . (:

to me , there are reasons to like both of them . peeta is a fighter . which is something that every girl would love to have in a man . he fights till the end for the girl he loves which is adorable . but then again there's gail , who is more of the quiet friend . however , we all have been guilty of falling for that best friend of ours . it jus happens . and the quiet guys have something special about them . gale also shows his love for katniss by taking care of prim while she's gone , which is soo cute .

bottom line is i can't decide who should be "the winner" , have you ?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring break .

i have been waiting for spring break for like ever now , and it's finally here . (: i am way excited to jus have a break from school and enjoy my time . so far i have no definite plans but hopefully it will turn out to be everything i have hoped it would be . (:

Friday, March 30, 2012

waiting .

i am not a patient person . a t . a l l .
i hate not knowing what is going to happen next and when it's going to occur . it drives me insane . i guess that's jus how life is; you never know what's going to happen next . i jus need to remember whatever happens , happens . because there isn't anything i can do now . buuut i wouldn't complain if "it" happened soon . (:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Senior Year .

so senior year is getting closer and closer as we speak , and honestly it scares the crap out of me . i am the kind of person who needs to know everything in advance , and at this point , i know nothing about next year . i really wanted to do the dental assisting program at the tech center , and i applied and all but it's super competitive getting in , so now i jus get to sit and wait . next i am doing concurrent math , and also humanities , which also require testing . and finally , madrigals . ohhh madrigals . i could go on and on about how much i want to be in that , but i won't until after auditions , which are friday !!!! ahhh ! i'm passed nervous , i am going insane . so everybody cross their fingers for me (: also if you have any tips for trying out , puuuhhhhlease let me know . (:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

take me back .

so i'm on house arrest because i'm sick ,
 which means i'm super bored .
 because of this i sat and read my entire blog ,
 all the way back to my first post .
 it's insane how much my life has changed since i started this .
so much has happened in the past seven months .
it's crazy to think about .
also , sorry for all the bipolar posts my little followers (:
 reading back i realized i generally blog when something is going wrong ,
which is something i need to change .
 i need to start recognizing the good things in my life ,
cause i have a pretty darn good life (:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sweethearts . (:

pick up
lindsey's house
breakfast making
oil splashing
flour thrown
eat breakfast
adventure to hollywood connection
wrong exit
and again ..
got lost
asked pizza guy for directions
finally found it


roller skating
lunch at the diner
drop off
get ready time
loses track of time
pick up ty
pics with his family (:
michelle's for pics with everyone
million flashes
old spaghetti factory
sweet balcony level
going crazy dancing
kaitlyn's house
make cookies
watch jimmmaa
catch phrase
crazy competitive sides came out
drop off (:

sweethearts was soo much fun . it was crazy at times but so worth the stress . got to go with my best friend ty , had a super fun group full of my best friends and made it a killer time with a bunch of memories . i'd have to say my favorite part was after the dance playing catch phrase boys vs girls (: it got insane . i realized that i am w a y more competitive than i thought and i loved it (: great day !

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Vow

so basically i'm stoked for this movie to come out . kinda been counting down .

Sunday, February 5, 2012

date nights !

so last night i went on a date with justin . (: it was probably the funnest date i've ever been on . we got to know eachother so well and it was jus all over fun ! the whole date was a suprise to me , so i had no clue what we were going to do . first we went to dinner at his favorite pizza place . that was super fun ! a lot of time to get to talk and learned a ton about him .

next we went to the bowling alley ! when we got there , there was an hoyr wait , so we decided to make the best of it . we spent the hour playing various arcade games , which we f a i l e d at , but it was still super fun (: we managed to get enough tickets to buy little funny hair things , cause we're cool like that . haha

after an hour , we got a lane for an hour and a half of bowling ! (: i started out pretty cocky , but soon realized i s u c k at bowling ! he definitely kicked my butt . we played four games , and each game we'd do something differant . (competitive round, fun round, trick round, etc.) even though i only won once , it was still soo much fun .

after bowling , we drove back to his house for a bit . there we played pool for a bit and then played rock band . (: i was super scared to sing in front of him but it turned out to be super fun . princess had to be home by midnight , /: so then he took me home (:

basically , it was soo much fun . it was so fun to be able to jus be myself and have a great time with such a good guy . thanks justin (:

Monday, January 23, 2012

help .

hey you , yeah you .

so i need some help with ideas for a day activity for sweethearts . a l l ideas will be appreciated (: don't hesitate to comment . i have nothing , so i need some ideas quick . thanks so much (:

p.s. new tabs (:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

birthday .

so on tuesday it was my birthday (: turned out to be a lot better than i thought it would .

started out with getting my midnight birthday text from thee boy (: so that was pretty great . next was school .

nothing really outta thee ordinary happened . but it was kinda fun having everyone acknowledge the fact that it was my birthday as i walk into each class . haha

after school i jus got to hang around with thee friends . then kenna came over for a bit and jus talked about our sweethearts plans (: -- super excited by the way .

then went to dinner with thee fam . (:

then , copper hills-west jordan basketball game . turned out to be a way fun game . and of couse thee jags won <3

then me , ty , brock , aysia , kaylee , trent , kenna , jose , michelle , collin , kaitlyn , linds and aaron came over for dessert and jus got to hang out and play some basketball (:

 then , ended the night pretty perfect (; no need for more details on that one .. (; hahah

all in all it was a pretty great birthday . i'm so glad i have such amazing friends and family (: love you all !

Sunday, January 15, 2012

seventeen .

when you're younger , birthday's are a huge deal . you always have that list of toys you want and things you jus have to have . however , once you're past the themed birthday party years , it is not as exciting .

last year was my sweet sixteen , so yeahh , i was stoked . i had a huge party with all of my friends and had a crazy fun time doing the amazing race . i was so excited to turn sixteen .

now i've got to the point where i'm not too excited to get older , and have all of the responsibilites that come with being an adult . yeah , i love the freedom , but hate having to start paying for things and walking into the real world .

don't get me wrong , i'm still way excited for it to be my birthday and have some fun with all my friends , it's jus not as exciting anymore .

seventeen . crazy to think about . only one more year until i'm an adult . super weird .  hope it's a good year (:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

check out the new tabs (: that will be all .

week one .

so it was the first week of january , and i'd say the year started out pretty great . (:

no school (:
homework with thee girls .
lunch at zupas .
work with my favorite people .

on time to school . huge accomplishment . haha
lunch with ty and the girls .
attendance school . hour 2 of 10 .
trax with michelle and linds .
jazz game with thee girls , alex and jake .
trax ride home with thee funniest people alive .
met some new friends (;
i decided drunk people are hilarious .

on time again . (:
crazy spanish times .
attendance school . hour 3 of 10 .
work .

a day (: favorite .
attendance school . only 6 more hours (;
lacrosse meeting . so excited for the season to start (:

lunch with kaylee (:
talks with weimers .
attendance school . i swear i live there .
trax with my girls , again .
getting kicked off trax for not having tickets .. hahha
getting my first citation (: definetly a kodak moment .
jazz game with literally all my girls , joey and alex .
way fun times at that game (:
ride home with joey . no need for another citation (; haha
long talks with kaylee . needed .

slept in . (:
lunch with brynnlee , peggy and richard . (:
got to catch up , had a fun time (:
dad's house .
birthday dinner .
movie .
jus hung out . (:

this week went by way fast . but i'm kinda glad it did . i need this quarter to be over , and start fresh . (: as for now , number one goal: get my grades up and end the quarter right . keep being good to us 2012 (:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

twenty eleven recap .

buhh bye 2011 (:

ohh man , a lot has happened this year . let's start with january 2011 ...

best new years eve party ever . 
downtown lights during blizzard .
start lacrosse .
sixteenth birthday .
amazing race party .
breakup .
lacrosse games . 
sweethearts with adam .
choir tour .
new york trip .
camping .
taylorsville days .
fireworks .
all nighter (; literally . 
nathan & michael days .
lake powell .
job interview . 
hired at zupas .
valley fair .
summer nights .
racing .
drive-in movie .
daybreak lake . 
football games .
boating .
title .
jordan landing .
haunted forrest .
cow tipping . (;
haunted houses . 
empty house climbing . 
halloween .
note .
sadies with garry .
ending .
thanksgiving .
basketball games . 
girls nights .
choir gigs .
christmas .
family .
temple square . 
dates .
new years eve parties . 

can i jus say , what a crazy year . many ups and downs but i'd have to say the good times beat the bad ones . (:

i've met , and became close to so many new people this year . and i'm so grateful that i did . i know that everyone who has come into my life whether it was a teacher , coach , coworker , guy , or friend  it was for a reason . even though i have no clue what the reasoning was with some of those people , i know i'll find out someday . 

there have been many times throughout the year when i have wondered "why me?!" but every trial i've been through has made me a stronger person and for that i'm thankful . 

i always say that i live with no regrets , and although sometimes there are things i'd like to take back , or re-do , i can honestly say , after everything , i do not regret a single little thing that happened at any time this year . i have learned so much about life this year . i have built much stronger friendships , a stronger testimony , stronger understanding for others , and desire to work hard to get where i want to be in life .

this year wasn't an easy one , but it was worth it . definetly a year i'll never forget . (:

hello 2012 (: