Saturday, April 7, 2012

hunger games .

so i finally saw hunger games today ! i was quite impressed (: peeta . stud . but gale , total babe . haven't quite decided which "team" i'm on but that's probably because i've slacked off and still haven't read the second and third books ... have to get on that . especially after the ending of the first . i'll have to come back to the topic afterwards . (:

to me , there are reasons to like both of them . peeta is a fighter . which is something that every girl would love to have in a man . he fights till the end for the girl he loves which is adorable . but then again there's gail , who is more of the quiet friend . however , we all have been guilty of falling for that best friend of ours . it jus happens . and the quiet guys have something special about them . gale also shows his love for katniss by taking care of prim while she's gone , which is soo cute .

bottom line is i can't decide who should be "the winner" , have you ?

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