Friday, June 8, 2012

as of june 1, 2012 i am done with my junior year of high school ! (: it's so exciting . i'll be sad once high school is over , but right now all i want is my senior year to be here . junior year was pretty great though . many memories for sure . run down:

football games .
sadies .
basketball season .
christmas with choir .
lacrosse .
endless laughs with my lax girls .
crazy car rides .
seventeenth birthday .
sweethearts .
mads auditions .
choir tour .
madrigals .
sping break .
spring fling at jordan high .
prom .
last choir concert of the year .
yearbook signing .
graduation . ):

the hardest part of the year would definitely be saying goodbye to all of the seniors . i have made soo many friends that were seniors and it was so hard to accept the fact that they have to move on to college and whatever else they have planned without me . it's crazy to think that in a year it will be me walking across that stage holding my diploma . that's like a huge moment . so soon . i can't wait to see what life throws at me after i graduate , but for now time to live it up in the moment and have an awesome senior year ! (:

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